The Shape Of Water Waterina Suites Condo Vietnam

Waterina Suites is designed by the famous Japanese architect – Mr. Kengo Kuma.

Shape of water – The soul of Waterina Suites Condo

The design of Kengo Kuma is inspired from the shape of water, offering the gentle feelings and seretiny away from the rigid materials. Thanks to his different mindset from others architects, the residential apartments are no longer considered as “ a fully square building”. Waterina Suites has been building based on the image of Saigon River and terrace fields from Western North of Vietnam.

Located in the administrative center of District 2, Waterina Suites Condo is fully invested by Maeda Construction Coporation and Thien Duc Company.

Waterina Suites condo known as the first work of art of Kengo Kuma in Vietnam is proudly sompared with other gorgeous property treasure of Kuma in Japan. Waterina Suites condo has lately received plenty of possitive feedbacks from developers and customers. It is due to the unique style deriving from Eastern “Feng Shui” and Vietnamese culture.

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