Design of Japanese Apartment Waterina Suites – Project Infomation

Waterina Suites, an apartment of Japanese style, consists of 98 units ranging from penthouses, duplex to single-floor apartment. All apartments are designed with Japanese minimalist style of living.

The Japanese Apartment Waterina Suites is a Japanese design but inspired by Vietnam culture. It is also the first work of art that Kengo Kuma proceeds in Vietnam. This is a condo project constructed in district 2 by Maeda Thien Duc, an incorporation between Maeda Corporation and Thien Duc Company.

Famous Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, founder of Waterina Suites design

Sunshine and wind are the most vital factors that must have for all apartments, making the atmosphere always full of energy.

There is one special thing about Japanese apartments at Waterina Suites that almost stays here are able to catch natural sunshine and wind. Glass windows made in Japan 100% are extremely good for allowing lights coming to the room without any of its harmful components.

To Kengo Kuma, bringing nature elements to design for all scenes is a must.

The highlight of the Japanese apartment Waterina Suites is the large balcony area and the panoramic view of the beautiful Saigon River. Covering the entire apartment is cool green from nature mixed with open-air landscape. The campus is also designed to cover beautiful and delicate lines of trees. In the main halls, trees are still cleverly put into every step of design.


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